Interior design



We know how to make a chic interior for an elite apartment or a country house. Gordon-Design studio does not work by "template". We choose an individual path for each client. Our highly qualified specialists take into account all your wishes when creating an exclusive design.

We will realize your dream of a cozy and stylish interior «turnkey». Thanks to our extensive experience and the ability to listen to the client, we hit the bull's-eye. A satisfied client - purpose of our work!

Exclusive interior design

Gordon Design company develops individual author’s design projects for houses and apartments.

Unique interior

We will transform your ideas and wishes into an exceptionally comfortable and explosive interior design in a style that would fully reflect your personality and the psychology of your personality:

  • Loft – striving for an urban lifestyle;
  • English – love to the home comfort and peace;
  • Baroque – magnificence;
  • Classical – elegance;
  • Modern – modernity;
  • Hi-tech – maximum comfort with minimum luxury design.

Why choose us?

Design solutions developed by us are not only beautiful and elegant but improve living conditions. Gordon Design there are:

  1. The quality of completed projects, confirmed by a lot of reviews of the client.
  2. Own production — you don’t have to overpay for the services of intermediaries, and the cost of materials will be lower than the cost on the market
  3. Execution of all works by «turnkey» using materials of the European standard at the most affordable prices!
  4. Use of reliable technologies and provision of guarantees.

Order author’s interior design in Moscow in our company it means profitably investing money in the improvement of a house or apartment, while saving the family budget and making your design dreams come true!

Steps for an ideal project

  • Meeting with experts and discussion of the designproject

    Register for the meeting
  • Preparation of technical task for design, conclusion of a contract
  • Measurements bearing in mind to the speciality of the object
  • Development of planning solutions
  • 3D interior visualization
  • Development of working (construction) drawings
  • Preparation of specifications for furniture, interior items, finishing materials
  • Detailed calculation of estimates and schedule of repair work

After the design project is fully prepared, you will receive a full estimate for the repair and construction work, and you will know for sure:

  • Quantity and cost of materials
  • Volume and cost of work
  • A work schedule that takes into account all the details of the technological process
  • Date of finish of the work

Хотите обсудить проект и назначить встречу?

Вам понравились наши работы и Вы хотите обсудить свой проект? Оставьте заявку, кратко изложите суть проекта. Мы свяжемся с Вами в оперативном режиме и назначим встречу на удобное для Вас время! Будем рады ответить на Ваши вопросы!



    Of course is it possible! We need photos of items and sizes and we will organically fit them into your project.


    Это один из этапов реализации проекта, на котором происходит подбор, согласование, оплата, доставка и монтаж всех отделочных материалов и предметов интерьера. На этом этапе, специалисты отдела комплектации проводят подбор всех позиций от сантехники и радиаторов, до светового оборудования, текстиля и даже декоративных аксессуаров.
    Благодаря партнерским контрактам и обширной базе поставщиков, мы экономим нашим клиентам до 50% от стоимости каждой позиции.


    К смежным проектам относится рабочая документация, а также подбор и монтаж вентиляционных систем, водоснабжения, канализации, отопления, электрооборудования, слаботочных структурированных кабельных сетей (системы оповещения, системы телефонии, эфирное и кабельное телевидение, охранная и пожарная сигнализации). Инженерные проекты – это то, на основании чего будет произведен сам монтаж.

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